2017 Skoda Kodiaq first drive review

2017 Skoda KodiaqCome to New York and to the brand new Skoda Kodiak probably known as the school year to its friends is a bigger more grown up sibling to the yeti available 7 seats and a joint almost boots yes I know you’re thinking another SUV but if you keep buying them then of course many factions will keep making them. Chanting them. Have nots. What makes. Breast. Price you see this car office space and. County of a Land Rover discovery sport. Price. VW golf. When all of the Gulf but you have to admit this is an awful lot more coffee money.

Now the other big thing that Kodak has on its side is prince counties in the open up through here wait patiently for the electric much into that thing then you’ll see that there’s a fairly decent parcel shelf I hear about 270 meters or setting up some shopping bags in the fold down the seats in the back then you’re left with about as much space as you get older take your state button fell down all of the seats is no leave here and go over 2000 litres of cargo space which isn’t bad recalled still live to shorten the superb. This third row of seats is stand a high spec models 4000 pound option on ESEA models as you can see this just enough room for average sized protest at sick kids to be just fine back here. Things are even better here in the middle it’s not quite MPV generous in terms of space but this plenty of headroom thinks the tool range and the seats slide back and forth independently from each other as well as recline lives in this middle seat Mike Phillips visual changed.

Those traveling in the front of the Kodak on any feeling the most pampered though as it has a seriously small cabin. Spacious but field really premium with nice materials a good driving position as an impressive technology to play with as well but as usual the best editors of the SCO and additional was the lowest back then immortals missile. Key equipment.

Kodak to feel just like a bigger version of the S. and that’s not entirely true is based on a different chassis platform. So the emphasis is more on comfort that his one hand employees the yeti’s a bit down here but more fun to throw around the OC. And like that. That being said all the sense of fun hasn’t been taking half the cost of staying still pretty precise habits goodness less body roll and you find some of this because rivals. Then we’ve got here is the top spec. It’s too early to deal with 107 breakwill spout paired up with the 7 speed DSG  gearbox and 4 wheel drive which means I will set you back a fairly hefty 34000 pounds to  clean this petition trim.

It’s fairly poking I think it Prokop festival the engines in the range of being 7 up hoping laden down with luggage and a trailer but it’s still not the quickest call off the mark this version does not 62 miles an hour in just about 8 .8 seconds but if you go for the more popular 148 break first diesel then you’re probably looking at time close to 10 seconds. So that’s not too much noise coming to the cabin especially when you’re cruising you do hear of it on kicked down and when you’re driving up steep hills like we are now but other than that nicely isolated from the world around you. So as we’ve seen the Kodiak is decent or around 8 spacious it’s practical features an excellent cabinet with plenty of high quality materials and cool gadgets and it’s not bad to drive item I have been a little bit disingenuous when. Pricing that you want diesel engine anyone 7 seats and. Space that most buyers will probably looking at around 28000 pounds for this call but I personally still think that makes it excellent value for car this size and capability and should put it right near the top of the class.

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