What is an electronic (electromechanical) parking brake?

parking brakeI guess every driver at least once in his life forgot to remove the car from the parking brake, especially when an electronic parking brake was still a rookie. Now more and more modern vehicles have become equipped with electronic (or, more correctly – the electromechanical parking brake). With such a device you will never forget to withdraw from the parking brake, as this is done automatically with the start of movement, in addition, an electronic parking brake facilitates moving off uphill and simplifies the life of owners of cars with automatic gearbox driving in traffic.

The principle of operation of the electromechanical parking brake (EPB) is similar in the majority of vehicles on which it is installed.

Turning off of the electromechanical parking brake is automatically when the car is pulling away. There are turning off the brake manually by pressing the brake pedal.

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