Removing 2008 Ford Focus headlight assembly

2008 Ford Focus headlightBut everyone so I’m gonna show you how to take out the Ford focus 2008 Ford Focus headlight and fitting because in the menu it doesn’t actually describe how today’s propping her family if it doesn’t say here we go. As for UK model of sleigh you need the case against your opponent and I Long screwdriver like this one has. If SO stalls there right from wrong which is a lot easier than the last time one you need to first of all takeout basis grow here which have already done and we just simply on straight out. Make sure each phone lines and first click here 2008 Ford Focus headlight. Which is located you can say. Then minutes ago shekel hauled into here click.

The first one. And the next one which is slightly harder to find. Will be a net one of the. But it’s top down Hey units look yeah. And you can push and you hit a good Catholic. But it is a sticky one death. Now 2008 ford focus headlight unit should prefer you can simply put out. In the area you can now access. Over the bow she put aside like. The main aim and it being there. And say They simply take off the cap. Can just simply put out.

Saud lie and units take of his company and. See I only slowly stick the unitary takes 100 nights a hoot owl. Then simply for the new one and. And the 2 step back in again when I take that should fit in then and his image who wiring you just need to move out if you need someone can do that because it can be quite Philips sometimes get back in and if it had like 15 back in Simply Prince physician there. And push into her click They’ve got a snow in one of the them forget to put the screws I can. The left one is slightly more harder. The organist Keiko this. That there. Then they spawned. The Be slightly more tight because you have the battery behind the is down there again you just push down into scout may keep Pushin it into here a good click and then tireless MC John put it back in. I hope this helps if you got any questions please message me thank you.

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