Mitsubishi will start producing futuristic MPV in 2017

Mitsubishi 2017The futuristic Mitsubishi concept XM, the world premiere of which was at the motor show in Indonesia GAIKINDO in 2016, would become repetitive a year later. The new product combines the convenience of a minivan and the practicality of a crossover. The workers of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are sure that a strong feature of the Mitsubishi XM will become bright design.

The concept of MITSUBISHI XM combines a wide body and improved design that allows providing sufficient space inside the car, creating a comfortable atmosphere to seven passengers. The front part of the concept is made in the style of the brilliant design concept of Mitsubishi Motors – “Dynamic Shield”, which creates a sense of security for both passengers and the car.

A unique car, which is a symbiotic mix of minivan and crossover SUV, successfully combine off-road performance and a versatile design with 2008 Dodge Dakota headlights. Wide front and rear wheel arches demonstrate stability and considerable ground clearance adds sporty elegance to the case, where lines of silhouette freely slide.

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