2015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT Review

Thanks Richard and then when this show you this 2015 Malibu LT, just wanna give you a quick overview of the car the options that are on it so it is a brand new vehicle and it is in brand new condition 2015 Malvo LT, this one got the power convenience package at one of those options on there is going to give you the upgraded us 17 inch 5 spoke wheels couple other options is going to give you is the. Color body side moldings color matching I just also want to show you on the back here this Malibu is the all the trunk space you have on this car club. Open up in the backseat here you’ll see that there’s lots of room in the trunk for you know what they were calling groceries. Kid sports equipment golf bags you name it’s got plenty room then I think. And these one. Technology so when you stop at a red light he’ll turn the engine on. Helps improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. And speaking of fuel economy.

2015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LTWhen you look at the 2015. Ability is equipped with a 2.5 liter. 4 cylinder motor of the vehicle is going to get. Combined fuel mileage a 20 mine 20 miles per gallon such rate is 25 in the city and 36 on the highway and we open this passenger door up here for you it’s got the black interior with the all the cloth and leather at on the passenger side you’ve got the height adjuster on here he’s come equipped with the ambient lighting, on the inside this particular unit does have it also is equipped with a sunroof this vehicles MSRP is 26, 95. Go without a sunroof you can save yourself an additional $0 I’m gonna go inside the have a backseat here so the sharia yes it has the black. In theory in the backseat and it is very spacious they’ve got a lot of room in the back don’t know which appears in the car for but it does suitable for all types of drivers inside us power windows power locks power mirrors this vehicle when you go to this package who also have remote start gonna start the car up here for you and show you a couple who options inside the vehicle.¬†For additional information on Chevrolet Malibu headlights go to http://ledgrowlightsonline.com/chevrolet-malibu/headlights.html

Well 2015 models like this are equipped with OnStar you get 6 months free along with XM radio for 3 months modern inside the car you got your. Bluetooth over here cruise control. My Lync stereo MyLink because the system on the stereo you can now hook up your stature Pandora to it. The cool thing with the Malvo’s behind that faceplate you’ve also got a really cool storage compartment. What I love about the sizes radios it gives you the backup camera so that 8 inch screen for the backup camera there’s one to give the show the options on the card to be a quick overview of it not gonna bore you with the details one more information give us a call 440-365-7311 check my website at that sunny side Chevrolet.com

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